Project authors


Tomáš Dvořák

Tomáš Dvořák is a luthier, musician and analytical chemist. At the age of eleven he and his brother began taking private classical guitar lessons. At the age of fifteen he discovered the mandolin and bluegrass, which predetermined his future musical journey. As a university student, he founded the '50 Fingers' band. Between 1996 and 2013 he performed as a mandolinist with the Reliéf band, recorded seven albums and has played bluegrass all over Europe. As a versatile sideman and studio musician, Tomáš collaborated with a number of artists, such as Jan Nedvěd, Jan Kalousek, Pavlína Jíšová, Chris Jones, Beppe Gambetta and Dan Crarry, and played in the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. For thirteen years he was the organiser of the Spring Bluegrass Workshop and continues to participate as a lecturer in many bluegrass workshops throughout Europe. These days he performs as a guitarist with G-runs'n Roses (sic) and occasionally plays as a sub in Jamie Marshall's Amplified Acoustic Band. Apart from playing music, he had also been attracted to the art of lutherie. He learned the craft under the guidance of Ondřej Holoubek, focusing on restoration of vintage guitars and mandolins. In recent years, Tomáš employed his scientific cast of mind that he developed in his day job as an analytical chemist, to uncover the lost history of guitar production in Bohemia.

Marek Rejhon

A musician and a teacher. He was destined to become a jazzman, although he resisted the idea for a time. In 1996, Pavel Klikar noticed Marek and engaged him in the new swing line-up of the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra. When the big band orchestra was disbanded three years later, Marek founded his own big band, The Hottentots Orchestra, with which he performed for the next ten years. After that he co-founded the Swingfonix quintet and the Harlemania big band. These days, Marek performs modern jazz with the Petra Ernyei Quartet and with other Prague jazz groups. He is featured as a sideman on many recordings and on stage with a number of local and foreign leading musicians (PT Gazell, Joe Muranyi and others). Since 2018, he is the catalyst behind a group of leading Prague jazzmen, who perform under the code name Swing Session.

Apart from playing music, Marek collaborates with Petr Procházka on the development of guitars and is occupied with the history and construction of both Czech and foreign guitars. He also works as a music director, occasionally indulges in vintage cars and raises children. Through music he fulfils his dreams. He enjoys playing jazz mainly because, after so many decades, this music remains so incredibly modern. He lives in the town of Kladno, whose many wondrous things and oddities are dear to his heart.

Other authors

Roman Hájek

Project coordinator, publisher, editor, content creator, copywriter, event manager, marketer, idea maker ... It is hard to label his profession, but in all his activities he strives to achieve excellent results and the ability to overcome obstacles and find new solutions. Much of his work consist of creating compelling content in AnFas. In addition, he coordinates the activities of the NGO Halda, which systematically cares for the promotion of Kladno, publishes books and initiates events in public space. He coordinates the development of the Science Café network, which focuses on popularization of science. In the past, when he knew the term "leisure", his hobby was to read.

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Karel Pazderka

Project photographer, who has been behind the lens since 1980. He worked as a promotional photographer, photographer of the Kladno Museum, administrator of the depository of photography collection, dramaturgist and founder of the Zámecká galerie in Kladno. Since 1993 he has been working as a freelance photographer, he does advertising and product photography. He worked for leading manufacturers, his images helped create a new image for many businesses. In 2009-2010 he worked as a personal photographer of Prime Minister Jan Fischer, for his pictures from this contract he was honored by Czech Press Photo.

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Jiří Mašek

Master of sound, music publisher, guitarist. In 1992, he founded the company Good Day Records and since then he has been working as a sound engineer and producer. He was the lyricist of Pavel Bobek, the legend of Czech country music, on his last two CDs. He supervised more than 500 albums and music projects. However, sound mastering is only part of his activities, he spends his leisure time playing guitar and writing, he is the author of most of the lyrics for the former band Dobrej Den, as well as for his current band Cross Country.