Bohemian Jazz Guitars Tribute (book)

In the late 1920s, shortly after the first jazz guitars appea­red in Europe, masters in Schönbach, Czecho­slovakia - the traditional centre of violin making - began to experiment with their production. Before long, Schönbach became the most important centre of jazz guitar manufacturing in Central Europe. The twists and turns of history and the forced departure of many of the German masters to Bavaria gradually stifled the successful development of the industry. Nevertheless, high quality jazz guitars were produced in the town (after the war renamed Luby) until the mid-1960s. This publication describes the production of jazz guitars in West­ern Bohemia and the historical context. In so doing, it intro­duces the lives of the most important instru­ment makers and presents an overview of their produc­tion from 1932–1965. The book is accompanied by musical recordings of Czechoslovak-period hit songs, performed on more than forty restored instruments.

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  • publisher: Halda, z. s.
  • 210 x 280 mm, 364 stran
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